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Pitch Work

The Ask:

Goodyear tasked FCB with finding a way to convince lapse customers from their auto care centers, to give Goodyear another chance. Customers reported poor service and misdiagnosis as two of the leading issues they encountered during their experience with the auto service centers.

The Approach:

I developed a concept that centered around owning the current service issues, shifting the "bad" attitudes to fun mischief that resulted in the best care possible. Service centers would serve as content hubs for pranks, surprise/delights, and celebrity partnerships. This year-long program focused on one single idea, "If loving your car is bad, we don't want to be good. The attention-grabbing campaign would see logo changes on service center signage, sports sponsorships assets, and even light-hearted digital content. During the year, staff would undergo customer service training, so that after the "Badyear" ended, customer service would match Goodyear's auto service.


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