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I grew up in Florida and spent most of my time hanging out at the beach doing beach things.

In college, I played D1-AA football for the Jacksonville University Dolphins.

I won the best comedy award at my university's annual film festival, two years in a row.

I'm a huge fan of film and television. I try to consume as much entertainment as I can, while simultaneously devouring as much popcorn as possible.

My love for film and comedy led me to take classes at the world famous iO Theater, where I graduated and performed on a couple of teams.

My alter ego is a dope rapper who has bars for days.

I'll challenge anyone for the title of "World's Greatest Holiday Party Dancer."

I rarely pass up the opportunity to grab a beer and ponder the possibility of life on Jupiter's moons.

I've never turned down a chance to embarrass myself on the front and back nine.

Oh! I also do great work. That's important, right? Phew! I almost left that one off.

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