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Lead Conceptor & Copywriter

"Good Neighbor Day"

Social + Influencer + OLV + Experiential + Media Integration

The Insight:

We recognized that people don't connect anymore. 40 percent of Millennials wish they were more connected with neighbors, but are least likely to have had a face-to-face interaction in the last month. 1/3 of Americans don't know their neighbors.

The Plan:

The first step to knowing your neighbor is saying "Hello." State Farm encouraged neighbors to “Say Hello!” with a barrage of fun inspiration that shows them the power of “hello.” 


We kicked Good Neighbor Day off with a GMA integration that featured Michael Strahan interviewing our etiquette expert influencer to learn a few easy ways to be a good neighbor. At the end of the segment our Good Neighbor Crews flooded the studio with coffee and gifts for the audience.


In over 30 markets across the country, our crews took to the streets, dog parks, gyms and coffee joints to help neighbors say "hello."





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