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Creative Director

"Illinois Lottery Music Series"

Social + Influencer + OLV + Experiential + Digital + PR

The Insight:

Reaching our target while they interact with their passion points continued to be a key success factor in the acquisition of new and younger players.

The Plan:

We developed an “Anything’s Possible Music Series” that consisted of over 50 Rockin’ concerts, on-site presence at over 70 events, an instant ticket promoting the Music Series pillar, and an online portal where fans could enter to win tickets and weekly prizes.


We partnered with “Shoreline Sighting” and local cover band “28 Days Later” to create a floating concert on the Chicago River for our PR launch. We invited fans, the media, and music bloggers to attend, and topped the night off with a Janelle Monae concert!


I created a launch video documenting the PR Launch which we shared on the Illinois Lottery social channels and website.

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